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BBQ Meat Pack

Get ready for a sizzling summer with our special mixed BBQ pack!

Beef Topside  (250g)

£1.32 per 100g. Lean & economical with a rich, savoury flavour

From: £3.30
Best Frying Steak  (250g)

£1.10 per 100g. Simple and full of flavour, cooks in just a couple of minutes!

From: £2.75
Braising Steak  (250g)

£1.10 per 100g

From: £2.62
Fillet Steak  (250g)

£4.18 per 100g

Handmade Beef Burgers (1 x 114g)

Handmade to our own recipe, a customer's favourite!

From: £0.60
Minced Beef

£0.77 per 100g. Versatile, delicious and high in protein.

From: £1.93
Rib of Beef on the Bone  (250g)

£1.65 per 100g. This prime joint makes an impressive full flavoured centrepiece.

From: £16.50
Ribeye Steak  (250g)

£2.97 per 100g

Rump Steak  (250g)

£1.65 per 100g. A timeless classic, versatile & full of flavour

From: £4.12
Shin of Beef (250g)

£0.99 per 100g. Ideal for moist slow cooking for a rich tasty casserole or curry.

From: £2.48
Sirloin Steak  (250g)

£2.42 per 100g. A premium choice with lots of flavour.

Stewing Steak (diced)

£0.99 per 100g. Economical and full of flavour. A slow-cooker favourite.

From: £2.48