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Baby Back Pork Ribs (250g)

£0.83 per 100g

From: £2.07
Belly Pork (250g)

£0.77 per 100g

From: £1.93
Boneless Pork Steaks (250g)

£0.77 per 100g

From: £1.93
Diced Pork

£0.77 per 100g

From: £1.93
Gammon Joint (250g)

£0.72 per 100g

From: £1.80
Gammon Steak (250g)

£0.72 per 100g. Succulent and full of flavour

Pork Chop (250g)

£0.66 per 100g

From: £1.65
Pork & Apple Burgers (1 x 114g)

Plump & juicy savoury pork burgers with a hint of sweetness

From: £0.60
Pork Sausages (250g)

£0.94 per 100g. Succulent & Juicy with 6 delicious flavour choices!

From: £2.35
Back Bacon (Unsmoked)  (250g)

£0.77 per 100g. Unsmoked rindless rashers of back bacon

From: £1.93
Back Bacon (SMOKED) (250g)

£0.88 per 100g. Prime back bacon, gently smoked to deepen the flavour

From: £2.20
Streaky Bacon (SMOKED)  (250g)

£0.99 per 100g. SMOKED streaky bacon rashers.

From: £2.48
Streaky Bacon (Unsmoked)  (250g)

£0.99 per 100g. Unsmoked streaky bacon rashers.

From: £2.48
Cumberland Sausage (250g)

£0.94 per 100g. Quality pork sausage seasoned with warming black pepper

From: £2.35
Ramsey's Award Winning Scottish Black Pudding (100g)

88p per 100g. Highly acclaimed black pudding with a 3 Gold Stars Great Taste Award

BBQ Meat Pack

Get ready for a sizzling summer with our special mixed BBQ pack!